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Patient Info

We direct bill all insurance companies. Provide us with your benefits information and we'll take care of the rest! 

We also accept personal cheques, cash and all major credit cards.

If You are New to Nipawin Dental...
Welcome Aboard!

You’ve taken the first step towards having your best possible oral health. We're happy to welcome you to our dental office. 

Here's a few things you'll need for your first appointment:



Becoming a patient with us is that simple. We're excited to meet you!


Get to know us before your first visit:


What to expect at your first visit

  • A review of your medical history, medications, and allergies, to determine the links between your overall health and your dental condition, and to ensure that dental procedures are safe and healthy for you.

  • Your dentist will complete a comprehensive examination of the orofacial structures. This includes an examination of the head and neck structures including lymph nodes, muscles of mastication, and salivary glands, as well as a TMJ (jaw joint) assessment. An intraoral soft tissue examination allows us to check for oral pathologies and abnormalities. Finally, we examine how your teeth come together and examine each tooth thoroughly.

  • Your dental hygienist completes a periodontal evaluation (a check-up of your gums and jaw bone health) which includes a full mouth probing and assessment of overall gum health.

  • Your hygienist will proceed with a thorough dental cleaning, which will involve the use of hand instruments to remove tartar, ultrasonic instruments to remove tenacious tartar, and a polish of your teeth back to their natural smoothness. Depending on the severity of build-up and the complexity of your needs, more than one appointment may be necessary to complete the cleaning.

  • Your dentist will discuss the findings of the comprehensive examination with you, discuss potential issues, and your options for addressing them. You and your dentist work together to formulate a treatment plan that works for you.

  • Your hygienist will review recommendations for a dental cleaning schedule and how to effectively take care of your teeth at home.

  • Your visit ends when we have completed the day’s planned treatment, your questions are answered, and your next visit is booked.

Why is a comprehensive examination necessary?  I just want one tooth looked at!

A complete exam is absolutely vital for us to help you with forming a “big picture” plan that helps you achieve overall health while respecting your finances.

We want to do what’s best for your overall health of body, mind, and spirit, not just for a single tooth.

Rest assured, we will always address your main concerns, listen to you, and respect your wishes.

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